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Kentucky Cities That Are Very Popular

If you have been living in Kentucky all of your life, you are probably aware of many of the smaller cities. This includes Henderson, Covington, and you can even travel over to Fort Knox if you have never been there before. People searching on the Internet will often find information about the Kentucky Derby, Louisville, Lexington and Bowling Green. There are a couple of cities that you should visit that are extremely popular for the many things that they offer tourists that come by.

What To Do In Lexington

A trip to Lexington is going to provide a threefold experience. You are going to learn about horses, history, and aviation. For horses, Keeneland is the most popular destination of all, second only to the Kentucky Horse Park...

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Interesting Facts about Kentucky

When most people think about Kentucky, they think about horse country and wide-open spaces. Although it certainly is true that Kentucky does have plenty of horses, it is not the only thing that the state has to offer. It is, however, partially how it got its name of the bluegrass state, because of the pastors and fertile soil that make up much of the region. In fact, it is in the “Bluegrass region” where two of the biggest cities in Kentucky exist, Lexington and Louisville.

Something that many people don’t know about Kentucky is the fact that it is not only what meets the eye on the surface, there is also plenty going on under the ground as well...

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