Are you looking for ideas to design your bathroom in 1 bedroom apartments Columbia Sc? Here you are to get unique ideas to design your bathroom. People focus on their entire apartment’s designing but ignore the designing of their bathrooms. They are on mistake while doing so because the more luxurious the bathroom is, the more it adds style to the whole apartment. People fix drawers or shelves in their bathrooms overloading them with razors, toothbrushes, deodorants, etc. forgetting to arrange them properly; this looks so odd. With proper arrangement of all this stuff will help you hide the untidy part and will add more light to space. Such properly adjusted stuff makes your bathroom more spacious.

How to design your bathroom?

Consider the following tricks to design your bathroom and make it brighter.

  • If you require to have a wider look of your bathroom stretch vertical lines on the walls of your bathroom. This can be done by fixing tiles up to the ceiling of the bathroom. If you can’t do so, just paint vertical stripes on the walls of the bathroom.
  • A shelve should be fixed over the sink to place properly all the accessories required in the bathroom including tooth brushes, toothpaste, shaving gel, comb, etc.
  • Inside the bathroom above the door, there is enough space to fix a cabinet, in this way you may place all toiletries with engaging greater space in the bathroom.
  • Mostly a towel hanger is present in the bathroom but if your bathroom is smaller and you think the hanger may occupy more space then simply hang the towel at the back of the door.
  • While fixing cabinet in the bathroom or above the door of the bathroom, you should add drawers to the cabinet this will give a maximum space for placing your bathroom items.
  • Do not overload your bathroom in a way that it becomes difficult to stand there; try to fix a basin outside your bathroom if you think a basin occupies too much space. You can fix a basin outside with a cabinet to place accessories, and a mirror can be hanged above the wash basin.

These ideas will surely help you to devise your one bedroom apartments Columbia Sc. As designing of a smaller apartment with one room is not that difficult. You can easily get to it.

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